Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Density

It’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day for most people, however, as people age and face different circumstances in life, some may begin losing more hair prematurely. Generally, hair thinning occurs for most people as they grow older, which can be shocking for people who begin to notice it. Fortunately, scalp micropigmentation is a safe way to improve hair density for both men and women.

Although scalp micropigmentation can be used to transform severe hair loss, it can also be suitable for increasing hair density across smaller areas on your head. Thinning hairlines can affect both men and women, creating sparse hair along the crown or top of the head. Compared to other solutions, scalp micropigmentation works effectively for all levels of thinning hair. By adding detailed tattoo pigments to your scalp, your existing hair may not need to be shaved down to look fuller. 


How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Restore Hair Density?

By using extremely fine needles and pigments that match your hair color, scalp micropigmentation creates a realistic appearance that replicates hair on your head. For completely restoring hairlines on people who have larger cases of baldness, this can take more sessions and result in a buzzed-cut hairstyle. However, with thinning hair, the tattooed hair adds density that blends in with existing hair, covering up exposed parts of your scalp that can be seen from different angles. 

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