Scalp Micropigmentation for Pattern Baldness 

hair transplant scar camouflage with scalp micropigmentationOne of the most common ways to combat hair loss is through hair transplant procedures. By taking hair that is still growing from one part of the scalp and bringing it to another area, hair loss may be reversed. Not all hair transplants are successful and more attempts may be required to see if there will be any results. However, in general, hair transplants have a high potential of leaving scars on areas of the scalp where hair was removed. 

How To Cover Up Hair Transplant Scars


Having scars from hair transplants can cause people to become very self-conscious, receiving unwanted attention from others. Fortunately, hair transplant scars can almost be completely concealed with scalp micropigmentation tattoos. By finding matching pigments and carefully tattooing them in scar areas, realistic looking hair gets blended into the surrounding hairline with the appearance of natural density. At Cultivated Ink, our team uses accredited methods to safely administer scalp micropigmentation and has successfully helped men and women regain confidence by covering up hair transplant scars.


How Long Will Scalp Micropigmentation Take?

When used for scar concealment, scalp micropigmentation may have a different time table. Typically, scalp micropigmentation requires 3-4 sessions scheduled 1-4 weeks apart with a touch-up 4-8 weeks afterwards. Scar tissue is usually thicker than normal scalp tissue and may require additional sessions to fully determine the effectiveness of the pigments. Also, depending on the preference of the individual, additional scalp micropigmentation can just focus on the surrounding scar tissue area or extend across the entire scalp to help with overall hair density improvements. This is entirely up to your discretion and will be discussed thoroughly with our professionals. 

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For an effective and long-lasting solution to cover up hair transplant scars, choose scalp micropigmentation. We offer a free consultation for clients to come and discuss any questions and concerns to see if this would be the right solution for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!