Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

“Microblading” is the creation of eyebrow hairstrokes etched in a realistic hair pattern with a manual tool comprised of tiny needles. This method results in a very natural look and shape whether you want to fill in some sparse patches, have lost overall density over age, or have no brows to speak of!  Microblading is best for those with youthful, healthy, normal to dry skin.  

Those with aging, thin, combination or oily skin would benefit more from a powder brow or combination brow, as strokes will often not maintain the fine crispness desired on these types of tissue.


Eyebrow microblading services in San Jose


Hair Strokes are created with a manual tool to achieve a natural but groomed eyebrow look.

Power Brow Services in San Jose

Powder Brows

The optimal look for those who prefer the make-up/made-up look.  The best (and only) choice for those with oily skin.