Scalp Micropigmentation in Santa Clara, CA

If you have experienced any level of hair loss, you have probably tried a number of solutions. At Cultivated Ink, we help our customers to gain confidence through scalp micropigmentation. This treatment creates the appearance of hair with a fine tattoo needle that applies high-quality carbon-based pigments. With a minimal recovery period and long-lasting effectiveness, this is a solution that you can depend on!

What Is The Process For Scalp Micropigmentation?

Through a free, initial consultation, you will learn about all the details concerning scalp micropigmentation. Our staff will consult you on which type of session is most beneficial depending on the scale of scalp micropigmentation you need. We will then complete measurements and select pigments for your hair color. Below, you can learn more about different types of scalp micropigmentation we offer.

Hairline Design

For largescale hair loss and complete baldness, scalp micropigmentation achieves a natural-looking buzz cut. After committing to shaving down your hair, we work on designing your front hairline to complement your facial structure. Next, we add pigment to thinning and bald spots, creating the appearance of hair that matches the color that you want. We always begin conservatively, leaving room for further adjustments after you have a chance to get used to your look.

Hair Volume for Pattern Baldness  

Both men and women experience loss of hair for a number of reasons. Fortunately, scalp micropigmentation is an effective solution for everyone. By carefully selecting and administering hair tattoos, any areas with lower hair density can be covered. While the hairline and temple areas are the most common areas, we also have many additional services available.

This procedure can take 1-2 additional sessions to achieve dark color, so factor into the time and budget. 

Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage

FUT or FUE transplant scars can make you feel self-conscious and exposed. With scalp micropigmentation you can cover your scars by up to 85%! Our hair tattoos are effective for a variety of hair lengths. We will also minimize any appearance of "tracks" as well as the scar itself.

For thick scars, microneedling sessions work especially well in reducing the mass around the main bulk of scar tissue. To help with creating a more effective solution you can also schedule microneedling and SMP together to watch your scar significantly disappear.

Alopecia Camo

Scalp Micropigmentation helps to cover patches of baldness from alopecia. We offer flexibility in our scalp micropigmentation services that range from an individual session to long-term packages that guarantee coverage for 5 years! Alopecia coverage can be successfully completed with shaved or non-shaved hair in some cases.