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Schedule 15 minutes to discuss your desired style, ask questions, and get comfortable with your micropigmentation specialist.

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scar camouflage with scalp micropigmentation

Research your desired look

It's important to come in with an idea of what you like, or at least what you don't like! Gather some pictures to bring along to your appointment. If you are not sure, we will design your ideal style together.

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Prepare for your appointment

Keep the area to be treated healthy and moisturized. 

SMP clients: Come with clean hair, healthy, moisturized scalp, and no sunburn. No powders or hair products in the ahir. For full and partial crown styles, shave the hair down to a "zero" (no guard) the day before.

Brow clients: Wear your brow makeup as you like it, so I can see your ideal style. Keep in mind that after the appointment, it may be hard to get a thorough shower in, so consider shaving, washing hair, removing thick makeup and product beforehand.

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Take care of your new look

After the procedure, we will discuss guidelines for aftercare and send you home with the products needed to achieve lasting results.

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Payment Options

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